Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lightbar- A new Portland cafe!

Like most of us Oregonians, I could use some more sunshine, which is not always readily available in Oregon, but I love it here anyway!

 Recent research reveals that people who live in northern climates can experience problems related to lack of sunlight. When daylight is reduced, Melatonin production increases, causing greater drowsiness and lack of energy. It affects a person physically, emotionally, & mentally. This problem is easily corrected through the use of full-spectrum lighting fixtures.
--> Enter a new European style café at SE 14th and Morrison, Lightbar! This cafe has therapeutic lighting! Lightbar is the first place on earth where full spectrum lighting and light therapy boxes are available to the public in a café environment

Lightbar serve healthy made “big salads” and Panini’s (gluten free choices too) on their menu created by chef Randy Hopkins. I had one of their specially salads with their homemade dressing which was so good! You can create your own salad with a good variety of ingredients they offer if you choose. They have full children’s menu and tasty gluten-free cookies.

I recently had one of the best tasting cappuccinos (Coava, a Portland roaster company) I ever had at Lightbar! There is a good selection of beer, wine, and craft drinks too!  The “golden hour” is 4pm-7pm & Sundays 2pm-5pm, is where they offer drink specials and more 

Lightbar also offers a variety of light boxes and other light therapy devices in their sales area during the day. Just ask a barista or server for assistance.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Eutectic Gallery: Treasures in clay

                                                                        Eutectic Gallery

 (pronounced yoo-tek-tik & means:  The proportion of constituents in a mixture that yields the lowest possible complete melting point; often lower than the constituents on their own.) 
is located on the corner of NE  20th & Oregon Street in Portland. The gallery shares its space with Mudshark Studios and Portland Growler Company.

While browsing through my instragram site, some amazing pictures of ceramic sculptures were popping up from my friend Jeffrey Thomas. Knowing of his lifetime interest and involvement in ceramic and art, I was intrigued. So I stopped by after work one Friday.  

Co-owner Brett Binford (pictured) greeted me and helped with a guided tour exploring the inspiring work of featured artist Brad Mildrexler’s “Monoliths and Megaliths”. Brad’s pieces cry out to be touched! Brett explained the way the artist glazed and fired the pieces in daring and experimental ways, combining natural slips, rocks, glass, sand and even concrete to formulate his glazes. So much expression, texture, and color. “While massive in scale, the surfaces of his work are detailed, complicated, topographies. The molten heat that Monoliths and Megaliths exudes is visible and tactile.” says Jeffrey Thomas, Director of Eutectic Gallery.
This gallery is a treasure chest of modern ceramic art! I highly recommend stopping by and experiencing the texture, color, and possibilities they have achieved with clay. Brad Mildrexler’s exhibit will be there until the end of May! 
The piece on the left is smooth and Oceanic and the piece on the right is a close-up of the center work! All these pieces are better in person!

 They also have other artist’s creations in the gallery.

Yes the chains are ceramic! 

 Eutectic Gallery was founded by Brett Binford, John-Fletcher Halyburton & Aaron Van de Graeff working in partnership with Jeffrey Thomas, all coming from a long background in ceramics & art. A week after meeting together they decided to start the gallery and 2 weeks later they were knocking down walls! You can feel their commitment to the modern ceramic movement and their artists!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Magical Store Bella Flora!

Newly relocated Bella Flora is still one of the most magical stores in Portland!
                            NE 7th avenue just north of Knott Street

Owner & Designer Elaine Falbo (far left in front) started with a evening celebration!

                                           Fairy furniture for the holidays!

                        Elaine combines flowers with antique pieces beautifully!
                                               Treasures everywhere at Bella Flora!


Sunday, October 21, 2012


I didn't want to start my new blog this way....
One day (last Monday) I felt like staying home all day and cooking. I made pasta & meatballs from scratch, cooked all day and a beef stew. This will get us through the whole week perhaps. It was really pretty outside. Sometimes just being able to hang out on the porch in Portland is a mini adventure/vacation.

 I wish I had stopped there on the porch, but no I talked my tired husband on going on a little adventure before dinner! I promised we'd not get caught in rush hour traffic (I had lots of secret streets.) We would listen to lovely music and he could even read his book!


Anyway I did do all that, but in the middle of a rain downpour my lovely car decided to die and we were stuck on a busy street during rush hour with food waiting at home. Yay for that adventure? Our son picked us up & instructions for the tow truck were given.
Fortunately, the yummy dinner was waiting for us anyway! 


Sunday, October 14, 2012


I love Portland Oregon! Everyday is an adventure and I want to explore it with you "bit by bit". Just a little taste of here and there (not a whole neighborhood). I don't have that much energy! A little adventure for a minute or two or couple of hours at the most. A discovery of a new restaurant, shop, park, block, fun people, interesting pictures,...(endless possibilities).

Stay tune for my first adventure...